Our Commitment To You

OTM has a tried and true process which includes hours of preparation for each project. For large projects our team will initiate a pre-installation meeting to ensure we understand the details of the project, the jobsite, and any intricacies that we may need to navigate throughout the project. We encourage the pre-installation involvement of all of the contractors that will be involved in the process.

Meticulous planning, communication, and execution is what OTM's team manifests to complete each project successfully.  

How to Get Started with Your Furniture Installation Project


Request a quote from OTM: quotes@otminstalls.com

Include the following information: Job site address, scope of work, NBH or OT, product details, drawings and any pertinent information about job site conditions or logistics.


OTM quote response time:

An estimator will acknowledge your quote request on the same day your request is submitted  to OTM. An estimator will return pricing within 24 hour of receiving all the information needed to provide a competitive quote.


Quote approval:

The customer provides OTM with a Purchase Order or signs and returns the quote.


Shipping and Receiving

OTM will send you a progress report within 24 hours. The report  that will include pictures and live links to all of the inbound and outbound documentation.


Customer Service (check-in email)

A dedicated Project Coordinator will be assigned to your effort. Our goal is to send you a check-in email 5 business days prior to the service date. This email is to confirm all project related details and allows the team to gather any outstanding information needed to perform a project successfully.  



Your Project Coordinator will respond to your scheduling request as soon as possible but no later than the following day. You will receive a systems generated scheduling notification confirming the job scope, job lead and lead contact information the day prior to service.


Progress Report

The lead assigned to your project will send out a system generated progress report at the end of every day we are onsite. The report will include a summary of work performed, percentage completed, photos and any outstanding items.



OTM's Accounting Team will promptly send an invoice upon completion of the project. If the project has a longer than normal duration, OTM may request to progress bill.