It’s true. Employees are not coming back to the office in the bay area like the rest of the country. Yet traffic is still terrible, and the streets are still bustling. So what exactly is happening?

In this end of the market, where we are trained to follow a project manager’s carefully executed plans, proceed methodically floor by floor, installing cubes and sitting stations, obtaining sign offs, and proceeding to the next project in line, our days have changed. Larger companies have been consolidating, which challenged our company to step our recycling and sustainability efforts. Today, items that are no longer needed are returned to our warehouse where efforts are made to quickly turn that furniture around to a start up company or a local charity.

The empty spaces in our calendar that have been left by a slow of the private business market have been quickly filled by government works, the education sector, and the art world. Our presence and experience has grown exponentially in this area, and allowed our company to hire more field employees as well as increase our fleet size.

If you are thinking of expanding to the bay area or are already here and need some help with logistics, give us a call.